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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wiccan Warrior's Weapon Blessing

This is a blessing of a warriors weapon for those in the military. I pass this to all I can so that will be a good place for it. I wish I would of had this when I was in combat, maybe my upper body wouldn’t look like swiss chease if I had.

The Wiccan Warrior’s Weapon Blessing
By Miki Sidhe Wolf © 2003

Written by a retired Wiccan warrior for her son Liam, a newly conscripted one. May this blessing protect all those in the military or police who are appointed to protect the lives of the innocent under their charge. Please do NOT forward or distribute this without including the credit and this introduction - thank you.

"May the Lord and the Lady in Your hands always hold
This warrior whose duty includes perils untold.
In this weapon that ever must be at his side
May Your power, protection and presence abide.
Let it always be handy in moments of need,
Be drawn, aimed and fired with precision and speed.
Let it never seize up or get jammed or misfire
Nor in any way fail in whatever’s required.
Let it never be stolen, left behind or mislaid
Nor anyone harmed from a bullet that’s strayed.

Let it never be seized from this warrior’s control
And turned against him or some innocent soul.
May this weapon, whenever it must be deployed,
Accomplish its mission of evil destroyed.
May it only be used for the purpose it’s meant
And never abused with dishonourable intent.
Let it always succeed to protect and defend
Until the day comes when such need’s at an end.
So mote it be."


  1. thats wonderful, i will be using that when i deploy next....thanks for shearing

  2. I have been researching historical use of symbols/names for particular weapons and have come up empty-handed. I am looking for an old Norse or Celtic name/symbol to attribute to a custom knife I am making..